Hypertext properties 
In this window you can set the properties of current ebook/hypertext. 
Click on the image for more information: 
Hypertext properties, page settings, background Ebook passwords, protect the ebook Setup an expiration date Disable print and/or clipboard copy If you insert this password, the ebook will be read-only also for the E Shows (or not) a license when the end user double clicks on the .Exe eb EBook window display settings / reader window options Shopping cart  
With this first tab of the Hypertext Options dialog you can define important ebook / hypertext information: the title, the author, the copyrights...  
Opf, Mobi and Epub ebooks can carry several additional information - you can define them within the export dialog 
Then this dialog permits important protections. 
First of all, on the bottom left you can apply a password for the editing. When you distribute a Aeh or Exe ebook, normally the end user can only "see" the ebook - they can not edit. But if they purchase EBooksWriter, they would be able to edit Aeh files, if a "pass for editing" is not applied. Be careful: if you forget the password, you will be unable to edit. No recover is possible. 
Please understand that this "pass for editing" has nothing to do with the passwords for the readers; to set up a password (or passwords) that the end user must enter in order to be able to read the ebook, see the third tab, "passwords". 
Then, on the right, you can protect the ebook against printing (when disabled, you can still add links and/or buttons such as "print this page" - use Special Links), against copy and print screen, and you can set up an expiry date (after this date, the ebook will not open and, instead, it will say "expired" - or you can set up a custom expiry message within the Reader / Show options tab
Hypertext Options (Hypertext >Current hypertext properties): 
Information - Page setting, background - Passwords - Shopping cart - Reader / Show options 
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